The Cambridge Blockchain Hub is a one-stop-shop platform and community for collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects and policy analysis, the testing of innovative applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, and the incubation of new blockchain based ventures that are impactful to industry, academia, and society.

The Cambridge Blockchain Hub is focused on providing workshops, meetups, and awareness around blockchain and distributed ledger technology, its growing uses and applications, understanding the regulatory and technological nature through reports and studies, as well as in supporting startups, developing and running pilots through partnerships between academic and industry members while providing university students and community members access to explore and immerse themselves in this area and its opportunities.

CBH is located in the newly established Bradfield Centre, a 600-desk entrepreneurial centre funded by Trinity College of the University of Cambridge.

Working with Key Stakeholders including
  • Industry Partners
  • Academia
  • Policy Makers
  • Regulators
  • Startups

We are forging a Community of doers from all backgrounds and areas of expertise to work together in learning about, promoting, and testing the use of advanced technologies in novel ways through research, policy, and new ventures.



  • Providing awareness on areas and applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technology through events, meetups, and workshops by leading practitioners
  • Reporting and analysis on the current landscape of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, regulation, current and future trends, as well as policy outlooks for the future use of these technologies in the private and public sectors.


  • Providing space for local and regional startups to collaborate and work
  • Providing Support and mentorship by seasoned practitioners, entrepreneurs, and practitioners


  • Collaborations and partnerships between academia, industry partners, and students to develop and test pilots in different areas
  • Opportunities for students and community members to join startups and create new ventures



DLT has the potential to reshape processes including KYC & AML, processing cycles, data integrity, volume of trades or transactions, cross-border payments, value exchanges, and crowdfunding through different uses and applications.

Life Sciences

DLT has application in the life sciences where it can be used for security when accessing patient data in healthcare, record verification, and streamlining clinical trials across multiple stakeholders.


DLT can be used to store, verify, and validate client, immutable digital identities, KYC/AML, and smart contracts to automate complex contract performance which will optimize the efficiency of the legal field.

Policy & Regulatory

DLT requires all stakeholders to be brought to the discussion to synthesize an inclusive and progressive framework for implementation that facilitates safety and does not hinder innovation across various sectors and industries.

Active Partners
Drop-In Membership
Mentors & Industry Experts

We bring together seasoned blockchain and other advanced technology practitioners, academic and industry partners, as well as students and emerging talent from various disciplines including cryptography, machine learning, regulatory, policy, life sciences, fintech, regtech and many others to learn from one another, network and collaborate on projects that are the most impactful to society at large as well as to the future of industries.

We take a holistic approach to blockchain and distributed ledger technology and its potential uses and applications where it can be used both as the enablement for other technologies and in combination with them.

It is through the right environment, direction, and enablement through a cross-disciplinary and inclusive approach that real impactful industry and societal contributions are made. We provide custom tailored programmes, advisory, incubation, mentorship, and drop-in membership to the Bradfield Centre for new ventures as well as connect and bring together key stakeholders and interested parties to on novel projects.



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